Gabrielle Bellot explores the original inspiration for Betty Boop — a black jazz singer named Baby Esther Jones.

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On the 20th of March 1999, iconic English artist, textile designer and critic Patrick Heron died in Zennor, Cornwall, aged 79. Heron is best remembered for his semi-abstract paintings featuring vibrant colourful compositions inspired by nature. Less known perhaps is his career as an art critic to the New Statesman and Nation in 1947–50, and London correspondent to Arts (New York) in […]

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빈수례가 요란하다.

맘고생, 마음의 아픔을 정확히 무엇인지 알기때문, 더 드러내지 않는법이지.
아픔을 알아야 소리새도 없이 그래서 병원이 있고 병원에 가는법…
누가 그랬지, 고통은 소리에 반비례한다고. 고통이 세질수록 소리도 못나오고 죽어가지.
고통은 상대적일지라도,
저기 고아원에서 자란 저 조용한 고아보다 더 쓰라릴까….
찍소리도 못하고 노동자들의 피나는 눈물속에 파산으로 인해 조용히 짐싸들고 판자촌으로 썩어 들어가는 고통을….
게다가 맘이 아프다고 울부짓는건 일하고 정신없이 먹다 체하는것보다 덜 아프고 하챃은 사치적인 쓰레기.
그 요란함.
수많은 고통의 자살은 그런것때문에 죽지않지. 오히려 지극히 평범하게 살아가는 아무탈없이 보이는 저 사람이 자살을 생각하고 있는것이지.

Incredible Nostalgia

The Lost Mariner

from Tess Matin

It is such a brilliant piece!

In the beautiful short film The Lost Mariner, independent animator Tess Martin brings Jimmie G.’s rare memory condition to life using photograph cutouts and live action.

Wikipedia describes Jimmie G.’s ailment like this:

  • “The Lost Mariner”, about Jimmie G., who has lost the ability to form new memories due to Korsakoff’s syndrome [JAC: the syndrome is associated with long-term abuse of alcohol, and you forget everything that happens to you within minutes.]. He can remember nothing of his life since the end of World War II, including events that happened only a few minutes ago. He believes it is still 1945 (the segment covers his life in the 70s and early 80s), and seems to behave as a normal, intelligent young man aside from his inability to remember most of his past and the events of his day-to-day life. He struggles to find meaning, satisfaction, and happiness in the midst of constantly forgetting what he is doing from one moment to the next.