On the 20th of March 1999, iconic English artist, textile designer and critic Patrick Heron died in Zennor, Cornwall, aged 79. Heron is best remembered for his semi-abstract paintings featuring vibrant colourful compositions inspired by nature. Less known perhaps is his career as an art critic to the New Statesman and Nation in 1947–50, and London correspondent to Arts (New York) in […]

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I thought this guy punched the white nationalist cuz he looked like a gay,,

Dan Arel continues to defend the punching of Nazis (read: “any white supremacist”), tweeting a link to one of the most misguided articles I’ve seen in the past year: “Why Punching Nazis Is Not Only Ethical, But Imperative” by @Quinnae_Moon https://t.co/78oVvOVCq9 — Dan Arel (@danarel) February 3, 2017 Yes, go have a read at The Establishment […]

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